10 Learning Apps for Pre-K and Kindergarten

October 25, 2016

A while ago, I wrote a post featuring 10 Learning Apps for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Well, Stella just turned 4 and is in a kindergarten class, and she has grown into some new apps. Here’s an updated list–our favorite 10 learning apps for pre-k and kindergarten.

1. Thinkrolls by Avokiddo


Thinkrolls and Thinkrolls 2 are two delightful, brain-building puzzle games that encourage 3-8 year olds be strategic problem solvers. The object of the game is to roll the character through the world. Along the way, they encounter barriers that prevent them from getting from one screen to the next, and the player must solve the puzzle in the right sequence in order to proceed.


2. Human Body by Tinybop


Tinybop has a collection of excellent learning apps for children aged 6-8, but they’re very intuitive, so a bright kindergartener would be able to catch on and continue to add to their knowledge for the next couple years. In this app, Tinybop Human Body young children can learn about human body processes and systems by exploring an interactive human body model. There is even a free pdf handbook you can download to accompany the app.

3. Todo Math by Enuma

Free, with in-app subscription upgrade

Todo Math is a math app, also for children aged 6-8, but I’ve been playing the more introductory levels with my daughter for about a year (since she was 3). This app is popular with educators, and has tons to offer. There are 28+ multi-level engaging games, 60+ missions lining up with pre-K through 2nd grade math standards, Stella loves playing her “math games” and has learned a lot about tallies, counting, number tracing, shapes, patterns, and more.


4. Storybots

Free for a limited time

We have enjoyed the Storybots and their YouTube channel for a while. Their app contains all the Storybots Learning Videos, books and games. Young children can enjoy learning through songs featuring concepts such as time, planets (our personal favorite), the human body, and more.


5. Pepi Bath by Pepi Play


Pepi Doctor and Pepi Bath are our favorite from Pepi Play. Pepi Bath is a role play app about life skills–a simple game that involves self care and hygiene.


6. My PlayHome Hospital by PlayHome Software Ltd


My daughter loves all things medical: doctors, medical technologies, hospitals, etc. I wanted an app that featured simple role play in a hospital. Most of the hospital or doctor apps are a little gross, but PlayHome Hospital was exactly what I was looking for. Kids can experience the sights and sounds of a hospital, make your characters interact with doctors and have the doctors even go get a coffee. PlayHome also has an app where you can do the same type of play in a home, like a digital dollhouse.


7. PBS Kids Video by PBS


PBS has taken all of their children’s television programming off of Netflix, so the PBS Kids Video app is a must have for Daniel Tiger, Arthur, Wild Kratts, Super Why, and more.


8. Toca Lab by Toca Boca


The slogan for Toca Lab is “science is magic,” which I LOVE and definitely agree with! On this app, kids can explore the periodic table and discover all 118 elements (it’s fun to see them in anthropomorphic form), and experiment in the lab with tools. It’s a colorful and fun introduction for younger kids to learn about science in a lab setting.


9. The Bible App for Kids by YouVersion


This is for you moms of faith. The Bible App for Kids is an animated and interactive digital kids Bible to introduce your kids to stories and passages in the word.

10. Tangram by Osmo

The app itself is free, but the Osmo Starter Pack costs about $80 and comes with 3 games.

This was a wonderful gift that Stella got for her 4th birthday. She loves playing the Osmo games. I really love that Osmo combines physical, tangible pieces with iPad technology. I want to get all the games for Stella, but right now we are playing tangram and words a lot. There are over 500 puzzles in varying levels to play, so I know it’s a game that will grow with Stella as she gets older.


So there you have it! 10 new apps to enhance your kindergartener or preschooler’s learning. What apps do you and your kids enjoy? Let me know in the comments!

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