Library Book Parade: Extra Yarn

February 6, 2017

 Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen are two fantastic children’s authors, so it’s no surprise that when they teamed up to write something together, it is magical. Extra Yarn is so good that after renting it several times from the library, I decided to actually buy it. It is a Caldecott Honor Book and deserves the title!

Stella loves the repetition of the words “extra yarn” throughout the book, and will say them with me as I read. This is also a great story to do lots of different voices–the teacher, the archduke, Annabelle herself, and even Mr. Crabtree all have distinct and well developed characters with strong voiced for how little dialogue there is in the book.

I love the color palette. It’s wonderful to watch as the story unfolds and Annabelle’s black, white, and shades of grey world is colored by her mysterious and amazing box of yarn.

If you have some extra yarn lying around, there’s also the possibility that this book could inspire your youngster to be just like Annabelle and create their own art with yarn.

Check out these five simple crafts, should you have some extra yarn lying around:

  1. Weaving with Kids from Art Bar Blog
  2. Teaching Kids to Knit from Imagination Soup
  3. Woven Craft Stick Butterflies from The Craft Train
  4. Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters, also from Art Bar Blog
  5. Yarn Painting from Picklebums

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By Kellie

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    bar rucci

    thank you for featuring my yarn crafts, kellie!! your blog is just lovely, i’ve been poking around. extra yarn happens to be one of my very favorite picture books. xo bar

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