Happy Thoughts Feb. 16

February 16, 2017

I’m resurrecting my “Happy Thoughts” segment, because I think it’s needed. Check out recurring posts by the same name for some of the best things I’ve seen on the internet lately. These happy thoughts are guaranteed to cheer you up, give you something interesting to watch and to stretch your brain muscles!

1. Happy Thought: Cassie DePecol, World Traveler and Record Breaker

Cassie DePecol is breaking records and making history! She is the first woman to travel to every country–all 196 sovereign nations–in the world, and the first documented woman/youngest American/youngest woman to do so. She started on July 24, 2015, and her expedition ended on February 2nd of this year. It took her 18 months and 26 days to finish, meaning she beat the previous record by 1 year+. She traveled as a “peace ambassador.”

There’s a lot floating around about travel, and for the most part I roll my eyes. I have very little money, and two young children, so world travel is just not in my hand of cards right now. It was awesome to see snippets of Cassie’s journey and live vicariously through her.

2. Happy Thought: Labor and delivery photographs

Oh, birth photographs. I think fondly of the first time I shared with Stella a birth video. Clay would have described it as a “brain explosion” for our little three year old. We watched it with the sound off, and then she wanted to see more. We watched some with the volume down low, and finally with full volume so she could experience all the sights and sounds of live labor. I cried every time, of course.

Birth is such a magical and mystical thing. There is so much power and strength and beauty in labor, and that’s what this birth photo contest aims to portray. The slideshow is really fantastic. We are too distant from childbirth–too detached. I think we should all be looking at more labor and delivery photographs. The winning photograph in the newly introduced birth details category is Kourtnie Scholz with this image:

Joyful Finale by Elise Hurst Photography

Check out some of the beautiful photographs here!

3. Happy Thought: Sometimes Babies Don’t Sleep

This is one of my favorite and most comforting articles on baby sleep. My sister had terrible post partum insomnia and as a result, has had her babies on a strict schedule. While her babies sleep great (and she does, too), not everyone has the ability, nor the desire, to create such a rigid schedule. Most parents don’t do it her way, they just try to find something–ANYTHING–that works. Am I right?

This article from Coffee and Crumbs, written by Jennifer Batchelor, and it is wonderful. If you have ever struggled through the first couple years of baby sleep (or four years, in my case), this is for you. Breathe, this too shall pass.

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