Library Book Parade: A Year Full of Stories

June 29, 2017

I didn’t pick this up from the library. It looked so interesting and “up my alley” that I bought it on Amazon without checking it out first.

I love exposing Stella to cultures that are different from ours. I love teaching her about the vastness of the world, about the diversity of people, places, and languages. I also love learning new things, myself, and this picture book is a perfect aid to supplement cultural learning for both adults and children alike.

A Year Full of Stories, written by Angela McAllister, illustrated by Christopher Corr, features 52 folktales, legends, and myths from far off places to mark the changing seasons, cultural events, and international festivals throughout our calendar year.


I love the whimsical, childlike paintings to color the pages. They are vibrant and visually interesting. The stories vary wildly in historical timeline and geographical location, and aren’t too long for my bright four-year-old to digest.

As a complement to this book:

  • Check out The Hello Atlas app. It goes along with a book by the same name that features children all over the world speaking their native languages. The app allows kids to search an interactive map of countries and continents to hear 113 different languages and see adorable illustrations of what children from those places might look like.
  • I also thought how wonderful it would be to highlight the child friendly, cultural festivals available to Dallas/Fort Worth families. Take a look at my month-by-month list of some of the most fun and exciting family-friendly events in DFW celebrating World cultures.

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