How to be Kinder to your Feet: FITKICKS Review

August 7, 2017

A couple weeks ago, the Freakonomics Radio podcast (one of my favorites) came out with an episode titled “These Shoes Are Killing Me!” It’s all about the potential damage we’re doing to our feet with the shoes we wear. Coincidentally, I’ve been frequently pondering this topic over the past few years. In high school and college, I wore heels 90% of the time. It’s no surprise that being pregnant and having babies changed that quite a bit. Don’t get me wrong. I still love my high heels and the boost of confidence I feel when wearing them. But at what cost? I can tell I haven’t been kind to my feet. I have bunions and calluses. My feet often feel sore or achy, or have blisters from shoes that rub, cut into my feet, or fit improperly.

I love the free feeling of bare feet and encourage my children to go barefoot as often as possible (or as Stella likes to say, have a “shoe break”).

Stella going barefoot at the Texas Discovery Gardens. Click to read about our trip!

At work, I tried wearing fuzzy sock which was great for hygge, but bad for professional vibes. I was dying for something that made me feel comfortable and free. Inspired by the podcast, I decided that I wanted to stop talking about being kinder to my feet, and actually make a real change to my footwear.

I began looking for a shoe that met my criteria:

  1. comfortable
  2. rubber sole
  3. not overly expensive
  4. appropriate for work (not an ultra athletic look)
  5. made me feel like I was barefoot.

When I discovered FITKICKS, I was excited. These shoes claimed to be ultra light, flexible, and form-fitting with minimalist design, offering relief from clunky sneakers of high heels. But I was curious whether or not they would meet my high expectations.

Me loving the FITKICKS life.

FITKICKS Review: the shoes I tried

[Disclosure: my family and I received complimentary pairs of FITKICKS in exchange for an honest FITKICKS review. All thoughts, opinions, and enthusiasm are 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links.]

I received two pairs to try for myself, as well as a pair for Clay and one for Stella (FITKICKS doesn’t make shoes in Iris’ size). Upon trying them on, the first thing Clay and I both noticed was how light, breathable, and comfortable they were. They fit snugly on my feet but I didn’t feel sweaty at all.

I received the Vitamin Sea blue shoes from the Maritime collection, and the Deep Rhythm special edition shoes. (The shoes in the Maritime collection have a white sole for boaters and other activities where light color soles are preferred.) I’m typically a size 9.5-10, so was unsure which size I should choose. In the end, I went for Large, and my FITKICKS fit wonderfully.

Pro: Excellent for a variety of activities

I’ve worn these shoes almost exclusively for over a week, and to a variety of locations:

  • walking to work
  • in my workplace on multiple days
  • to the sandy lakefront beach with my family
  • to church
  • on a nature walk in the woods with my kids
  • grocery shopping
  • out to eat
  • and more

I was so pleased that I could wear ONE PAIR of shoes to engage in a wide array of activities, and they’re great for other things as well, like impromptu yoga, low-impact workouts, climbing, traveling, and commuting. These shoes are GREAT for women on the go.

FITKICKS in action–taking my girls for a walk around the Denton Square.

Click to see all the fun patterns and colors.

Pro: Enjoying my walk to work

While I relished the barefoot feeling, I didn’t experience the pressure on the balls of my feet and heels, nor the soreness or discomfort upon walking on surfaces like concrete, rocks, and gravel. Prime example: typically, when walking to work, I wear sneakers and have to take an extra pair of work appropriate shoes. They’re heavy, bulky and awkward, and take up tons of space in my bag. As I’m walking my feet get sweaty and stinky, and my socks might rub. If I were to take off my shoes to walk (which I have done), by the time I’ve arrived at my destination, my feet feel raw and sore. With FITKICKS, I was comfortable and enjoyed the walk immensely, and I didn’t even have to change shoes when I arrived at my office.

Pro: Clay and Stella also loved them

Clay loved that they felt similar to TOMS, but used different and better materials. He wore them all week as well, and his comment was they they were awesome. Stella’s were a little tight, but that could be remedied with a larger size (which we will buy because she is a huge fan). Kids love to move a lot and get messy, and FITKICKS are perfect in both regards. They are so simple to wash and quick to dry–you can either toss them into a gentle wash, or wash them by hand and lay them out to try. Easy peasy.


Pro/Con: The look

The only possible downside is their look. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very cute styles and color combinations, and I did get compliments on them both online and in person (in fact, I had so many inquiries about these shoes, I’ve lost count). However, they look a little like water shoes or socks. That’s not something that bothers me, but it might be a roadblock for other buyers. I wore the standard FITKICKS with skirts, jeans, a jump suit, shoes, a swimsuit, basically any cute and casual clothes.

There are also three other styles by the same company: Kozikicks, Kruzers, and Sidekicks… and I want to try them all.

Pro: The price

One of the greatest things about these shoes is the price point. They are not expensive, with the basic solid color styles priced at $19.99, and the limited edition styles at $22.99.

No doubt you’ve guessed, I an a FITKICKS convert. I love these shoes. I’ll use them until they fall apart, and then I’ll buy another pair.

Check out their social media:

FITKICKS website

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By Kellie

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    These are awesome! I’m almost convinced that I need them in my life especially since it says it covers “spontaneous yoga” which I’m prone to do.

  2. Reply


    I love these! I’m definitely going to have to get me a pair! I normally refer to shoes at foot prison, I can’t wait to try these out. I would love to feel barefoot all the time.

    1. Reply


      Jane, you and I should be friends! “Foot prison” is a perfect descriptor for shoes. You should seriously listen to the podcast I mentioned at the top of the article. I think you’d love it.

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    I’ll have to look into fitkicks now! Thanks for the share!

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    How fun! These look like a great shoe for my little one. I need to check them out. As a side note, go you for wearing heels in high school! haha

    1. Reply


      You say go me, but seriously, I think I messed my feet up by wearing heels so much.

  5. Reply

    Darlene Dee

    I love this idea! I had not heard of these but I need something in between shoes and no-shoes. These look perfect.
    Too bad they don’t make toddler sizes.
    PS I adore the phrase ‘shoe break’. 🙃

    1. Reply


      They are exactly that, an “in between” option. I know! They would be PERFECT for toddlers. I always hated putting my littles in clunky shoes to learn to walk, so they just went barefoot. Essentially no shoes for like 18 months haha!

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    These are really cool! I’ve never heard of them but I so want them now.

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