Boldly Bare-Faced

August 8, 2017

Embracing My Face

This is my face before 8am, less than two hours awake

This is my skin, my freckles and sun damage, my wrinkles, my blemishes and blackheads.

These are my eyebrows, light and wonky and not “on fleek,” (said like a twenty-something mom who isn’t hip and doesn’t even know what that phrase means really).

These are my lips, with natural pigment oddly missing from one side.

This is my nose, lopsided because one nostril is bigger than the other.

These are my eyelashes, long but almost blonde, so without mascara you can barely tell they are there.

This is my face, the one I was born with, uncovered.

Bare-Faced in the Workplace

Today, I went into work without makeup as I often do. I go “all natural” far more often than not.Mostly, it’s because after showering, getting dressed, making my lunch, making breakfasts, dressing kids, I’m already late before I even put on makeup. But partly, it’s a practice in vulnerability. Also partly, not wearing makeup is a middle finger to a sexist culture that tells me I am “not enough” or “less than” without makeup.

I reject the notion that the right combination of concealer, foundation, blush, highlighter, bronzer, contouring, sculpting, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, gloss, and finishing powder somehow magically makes me professional. I reject the notion that it makes me more beautiful. I reject the nagging feeling that I need it.

This is me, unapologetically.

Do the men in my workplace wake up in the morning thinking “I need to put on makeup to be taken seriously at work today?” No. So why should I internalize that message? I take care with my appearance in the way that I dress, taking regular showers, brushing my teeth, and making sure my curly hair looks work-appropriate (curly-haired girls know the tendency to look kooky is very real).

Photo by Krissie Francis Photo

Facing Your Bare-Faced Fear

We’ve all known a woman or girl who is afraid to take off her makeup and let the world see her bare face. Perhaps that person is you. Let me lift you up:Your worth is far deeper than your skin. Your smile, attitude, discipline and work ethic, your kindness towards others–all of these things speak louder than any cosmetics ever could. Those are the things that make you beautiful.

But please don’t mishear me. I like makeup. I think it’s fun, like putting on a little costume. And, truthfully, I do think I look better with makeup. But this thought and feeling is one I’m constantly having to suppress, because it’s deeply rooted in our culture, and it’s not correct.

This face, THIS is the way God made me, and that is wonderful. I don’t need makeup to improve my appearance… and neither do you.

I’m not saying you should give up makeup, not at all, but I do think we should start bravely confronting our insecurities head on. I encourage you to try, though it may feel uncomfortable and foreign at first, to face the world–boldly and fearlessly bare.

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By Kellie

Kellie is a redeemed woman pursuing vulnerability, color, and hygge. She loves to write, take photographs, play, and learn. She's a marketing specialist by day, a blogger at night... and a mom all the time. Kellie lives in Denton, Texas with her husband, Clay, and their young daughters.


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    Absolutely love this! I definitely wished I could go bare face but without scaring anyone. I’ll have to try it out at least once. By the way you look beautiful either way!

    1. Reply


      Thank you, Maggie! Your comment that you might “scare someone” is EXACTLY why I wrote this post. That is negative self-talk! You’re just so used to makeup, you don’t recognize your natural face for what it is–BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Reply


    I go makeupless more often than not too, with everything else I feel like I don’t have the time! But for a quick pick me up, check out my ten minute makeup routine perfect for moms in a rush 🙂

  3. Reply

    Jiya B

    I loved reading this post I am a mom who share this truth that whenever required I go bare face. I will not deny this at all. 🙂

  4. Reply


    I gave up wearing any make up at all 3 years ago and I feel so much better. I think as woman we need to build each other up and encourage our natural beauty… on a side note… since tossing out all make up my face is much clearer 🙂

  5. Reply


    Amazing love it. thanks for sharing.

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    Michelle Kunkel

    I love this post, and I fully agree. Before I had my daughter, I’d put makeup on everyday, even when I wasn’t going anywhere! How crazy is that? Now I wear make up maybe once a week if I’m gong to a big get together, but I cringe every time my daughter watches me put on makeup, which is why I rarely do. I don’t want her to obsess over her looks. I know my attitude towards myself directly shapes her self worth. I go make up free for my daughter! On a side note, I don’t see those imperfections you listed about your face.

  7. Reply


    Go you, girl! As a stay at home mom, I’ve become more accustomed to being bare faced. I do feel vulnerable, like you. What’s hard for me is the pigment of my face changed during pregnancy, otherwise known as the mask of pregnancy. I hate this change to my skin, and it makes it harder for me to face the day as a bare faced, tired mom, but it’s the burden I beared so I could have this perfect angel in my life!

  8. Reply

    Gabbing Ginger

    BEAUTIFUL! I love makeup for the fun of it and for myself but I am finally becoming confident enough to know that I don’t NEED it! Love this post!

    1. Reply


      Oh yeah! I am all about the FUN of makeup. I think it’s theatrical. That was definitely the point of the post–to help women feel confident enough in their own skin that makeup stops being a necessity and starts being something we do for enjoyment.

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    This is an amazing post.
    I wish 15 year old me could read this. I remember going to pool parties and not going swimming because I didn’t want to wash my make up off.
    Now a mom of two- I barely have time for make up. And I love it. I love my skin, and my imperfections.
    Again such an amazing post ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Reply


      Yes! I certainly think that the moment that makeup starts to hinder our ability to enjoy ourselves… it’s a problem. I know those teen years are hard. I went to an all-girls school, so it wasn’t really that bad, but I still know girls back then who wouldn’t even let other women see them with naked faces.

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    Great Post! I am bare-faced almost all of the time. Granted I work at home, but I usually don’t bother to get ready for the grocery store or dropping my kids off. I don’t care who I run into. I am unapologetic about it as well! We should all be free to be how we feel most comfortable!

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    Such a beautiful post! After becoming a mom I automatically started being more natural and I no more feel anything is missing.. and I still feel equally confident!

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    I love this so much! I was one of those women a few years ago who was afraid to ever leave the house without makeup. I was sick Of feeling inferior as myself, so I ditched makeup, embraced my natural self, and haven’t looked back! I feel more confident than ever.

  13. Reply

    Katie Bressler

    Great post and some great points Kelli. I rarely fuss with make-up. I think people look wonderful & oh-so natural without it. Thank you for your honesty and rawness!

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    This is so refreshing! It takes many women years to feel liberated and confident enough to be who are and not conform to societal standards. It’s also a great message for our daughters. Love it!

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