Library Book Parade: What Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg

August 27, 2017

What Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg is a perfect addition to help young children understand the basics of sex education. This book is an excellent addition to your non-fiction picture book library and a wonderful teaching tool. Take a peek inside this colorful and informative book, and learn about the author with me.

Cory Silverberg is a sex educator, writer, speaker, and consultant. He is an approachable and friendly person who is trained in teaching others about sex. What Makes a Baby is his first children’s book, but he has also written another book for children–Sex is a Funny Word, and The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability (for grown ups).

I like What Makes a Baby because the language is incredibly simple and matter-of-fact. It teaches young children the very basics of how babies are made, but doesn’t include intercourse, and leaves LOTS of room for parents to share the story of how their child came to be–whether through traditional way, or in the myriad of other ways that babies are created and grow nowadays. Our families and bodies are all very unique. This book takes into account all kinds of family types and birth stories, and focuses on elementary biological facts, and the love that we have for our children.

Stella’s story is unique because her biological father is not the daddy she knows (I got pregnant in college and her biological father left us), and I love this baby book because the simple phrasing opens the door for me to help her understand that aspect of her story a bit better.

“Who helped bring together the sperm and the egg that made you?” 

“Who was happy that it was YOU who grew?”

Because Stella’s biological father is not involved in her life, the answers to those questions might be a little different.

Of course, the bright illustrations and rainbow people drew me in, but the simple and age appropriate verbiage is what kept me reading.

Iris is a little young, but Stella LOVES this book. We started reading it before her 3rd birthday, and it helped spark lots of conversations for us. It was a spring board for us to give her a simple talk about intercourse before her 5th birthday. If you want more tips about teaching the basics of sex and consent to little children, check out my post on that topic here!

Because Cory Silverberg is a sex educator, there is a great readers guide for parents and teachers, available for free on his website. This supplemental tool explains the book page by page–why Cory made the choices he did when writing the book, and how you can use What Makes a Baby to teach very young children about where babies come from.

If this peek inside the book wasn’t enough, check out the book trailer here.

Have you talked to your kids about sex or have any tools/resources you have found useful for early childhood sex education? I’d love to hear about them, so please share in the comments.

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