Family Traditions: Make a Celebration Plate, Sponsored by Color Me Mine

October 27, 2017

Ever since I started my family five years ago, I’ve been planning a myriad of family traditions. Several years ago on Pinterest, I briefly saw an idea of a birthday plate, and it stuck with me. I loved this idea of a plate you bring out on someone’s birthday to serve their family meal or slice of cake.

I wanted to go a step further and not limit it to simply birthdays. The idea grew into the “Celebration Plate”–whenever we want to honor someone in our family, or celebrate milestones with my husband and girls, we use the plate to make the family member feel valued. The plate provides a simple way to make someone feel special, without spending money on more things. 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the Highland Village location of Color Me Mine. I have been compensated to write this post. All opinions remain my own and I was not influenced by the company in any way.

Gathering Inspiration

Inspiration for your family tradition Celebration Plate

Celebration Theme: When thinking about painting a plate, what comes to mind when you think of a “celebration?” I went with a simple, colorful bunting and confetti. Maybe for you it’s candles, stars, or polka dots. Maybe bold and bright lettering is the focal point rather than decorations. Are you a sweet and simple person, or busy and wacky?

Colors: Choose a color scheme that you love, something bright and happy. What would make your family excited to use the plate? If you’re planning on displaying the plate in your home, think of that the decor and color scheme is like in that space.

Wording: My plate says “celebrating YOU,” but you can say whatever you want. Other options I’ve seen include variations on being special, such as “It’s your special day,” “You’re Special Today.” The plate could host a more playful phrase like “You Go Girl” or “You Deserve Cake!” MAybe a Bible verse is more applicable, or simply your family surname. Whatever you choose, make it true to your family’s vibe and personality.

Making the Celebration Plate at Color Me Mine

For the same price (or less) or purchasing a pre-made plate online, you can lovingly make your own and tailor it to your family. I loved making the plate because it gave me an opportunity to be creative. We went to a paint your own pottery store (for North Texas area parents, we went to Color Me Mine in Highland Village). Color Me Mine has lots of other locations in the US, Canada, and other countries (see locations here if you’re not in the North Texas area).

Choosing colors was a blast, and the painting itself was so relaxing. There are so many tools and colors to choose from, with a variety of painting techniques to try. We went for Stella’s fifth birthday, and it was a wonderful and special mommy-daughter date activity. Stella chose an ice cream cone keepsake box and wanted it to be rainbow (she’s a girl after my own heart).

Stella choosing the colors for her rainbow ice cream cone

The staff was incredibly kind, helpful and enthusiastic at Color Me Mine Highland Village. The store employees were excellent with kids (Stella fell in love with Sarah, the manager, and even contributed her handprint for another project to display in the shop) and made me feel valued, too, from answering all my questions to complimenting my pottery piece and giving me input on colors.

My plate in progress at Color Me Mine
Color Me Mine is a fun creative activity for a variety of get togethers, including:
  • Date Night: Part of me wishes I’d made this plate with Clay when I was pregnant, to be able to start this family tradition before we even had kids.
  • Moms’/Ladies’ Night Out or Bridal Showers: Get some friends and go paint together! Everyone can work on a different project that interests them, so it’s perfect for a wide variety of tastes and styles. PLUS, you can bring your own wine and food.
  • Birthday Parties: If you know me, you know that planning parties stresses me out. Color Me Mine would be a fun, relaxing birthday party that people of any age would love. Check out their party packages for more information!

If you’ve never painted your own pottery, you should definitely go try it out. (Warning: you might get addicted.) Check out the events calendar for Highland Village or your nearest location.

For more information, follow Color Me Mine Highland Village on social media:
Facebook: Color Me Mine  |  Color Me Mine HV
Color Me Mine  |  Color Me Mine HV

When to Use the Plate: Opportunities to Celebrate Family Members and Milestones

There are so many opportunities to bring out the plate and honor the members of our families or make them feel valued in a simple way.

Here are some ideas of times you could use a Celebration Plate:

  • Birthdays
  • “Gotcha Day” for adopted children / finalizing step-parent adoptions or foster adoptions
  • Mother’s/Father’s Day
  • Good grades
  • Graduations
  • Mom has a new pregnancy or new baby
  • Earning an award
  • Recitals or performances
  • Starting or completing medical treatments
  • Toddler milestones*: first steps, first words, potty training, staying dry at night, sleeping through the night
  • First time reading
  • Religious milestones like first communion, baptism, etc

*Note: the plate is breakable so you might want to make a big deal about the plate but not actually give it to them.

Family Traditions: The Finished Celebration Plate

Voila! Here’s how my Celebration Plate turned out, and I love it. No, my painting isn’t perfect, and my writing is a bit wonky… but it’s a labor of love and marker with the imperfection of a handmade item. It is already deeply sentimental and I cannot wait to use it.

If you make a plate, please sent pictures to me! I would love to check out your creativity in process.

  • What are some of your favorite family traditions? Is it something you started, or something you adapted from your own childhood family traditions?
  • How do you honor people in your family when it’s their special day?
  • Are there any family traditions you’d like to start (and what’s stopping you)?

Drop me a comment and let me know. I want to hear from you!

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    I LOVE this idea! Growing up, we ALWAYS painted pottery for my grandparents for the holidays and I actually worked at a place called Clayground, I loved it! This reminded me to take my daughter, I may actually be inspired to take her today- thanks!
    Ps- your plate came out beautiful!

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    Mama Writes Reviews

    That is really awesome. I’m definitely looking into places nearby where I live. Thank you for sharing.

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    Regina Golden

    Kellie is our wonderful granddaughter-in-law. I love the idea and we love her creativity.

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    What a great idea! I love this. We have a pottery place in town, I would never have thought to do that!

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    Shann Eva

    I love this idea! This sounds like the perfect tradition for any special celebration. I think I’ll try to make one with my boys for my husband’s upcoming birthday. Thanks for the great idea!

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    Sanaa Brooks

    This is SO cute! I can imagine waking up as a kid, to go eat breakfast and finding a new special plate just for you that says happy birthday, or Merry Christmas. I love this! (I hate crafts, lol, but I love this idea!)

    ~ Sanaa

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