The Perfect LEGO Organization and Storage System

November 21, 2017

Contrary to common understanding, LEGO is not a “boy toy.” It’s one of my favorite toys, and Stella and Iris love it, too. LEGO bricks are colorful, fun, and encourage open-ended and creative thinking through play. Stella started building LEGO sets last Christmas, and she’s loved following the instructions. She’s just now being brave and flexible enough to engineer creations from her own imagination, and that’s an exciting process to watch for a parent who loves creativity. I love seeing her enthusiastic exploration.

During an evening together, Stella built a rainbow chameleon and named it Zoe.

Last year, I bought a discounted 1500pc set of LEGO Classic to kickstart her collection. For the first year, it sat in a bucket in one of the cube shelves that houses the girls’ toys. But it was disorganized, mixed up like LEGO soup, and hard for Stella to find the pieces she was looking for. As a result, she only played with it a handful of times. This illustrated perfectly what I’ve always believed–that organization matters for play. A toy chest is great, but neatly organized closets and cubbies are better (and crucial in smaller family homes like ours).

I was searching for the perfect LEGO organization and storage system in the sea of Pinterest ideas. Here are a couple interesting organization and storage solutions that I found.

5 LEGO Organization Ideas

1.  LEGO shoe organizer on the back of a door – Kids Activities Blog

PROS: This idea from Kids Activities Blog is cheap and easy, and I did like how the bricks were organized by color.

CONS: I was concerned about what would happen if the organizer fell off the wall. I didn’t want to spend all my time tidying and re-organizing the LEGO bricks. I also would have liked seeing them organized by size as well as color. The small bricks have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle. Another downside to this system is that kids wouldn’t be able to reach the LEGO bricks in the top pouches and so half of the storage system would be virtually unusable.

2. Under the bed LEGO cart – The Happy Housie

PROS: This is a DIY project from The Happy Housie blog. DIYs can be cost effective, so it has that going for it! I liked that there were a couple compartments where you could sort by size. This system is also a good space saver, as under the bed is a typically under-used space. It would be easy to scoop LEGO bricks off the floor where kids’ play and into the cart, then quickly and easily roll it away out of sight.

CONS: I am trying to get away from jumbled up LEGO soup. I really wanted to find something that was organized by color and size for ease of finding pieces.

3. IKEA Trofast drawer system – Seeded at the Table

PROS: This LEGO room by Seeded at the Table is the stuff dreams are made of. Just look at it–a neat, well organized, well-lit space perfect for LEGO enthusiasts of any age. Though it was designed for toys, we use a Trofast shelf for Iris’ clothing and it works well, so I know I like the organization system.

CONS: This system is more suited to large-scale LEGO collections, for multiple older children, and we aren’t at that level yet. But mainly, it comes down to the fact that I don’t have a lot of space for large furniture or built ins. The system I was looking for was a compact storage solution, not something that took up a whole room.

4. Sterilite drawers and cube storage – One Mile Home

PROS: Stephanie at One Mile Home organized their LEGO by color, and I love the sturdy drawers. I really liked how you could see the LEGO bricks inside.The storage fit perfectly inside the shelves, and had a couple shelves left over for sets that are already built, books, instructions, etc.

CONS: This is another LEGO organization system that is better suited to a larger collection and a larger house. We already have two 9-cube shelves in our apartment for the girls’ toys, and I don’t have room for another one.

5. Tool Box repurposed for LEGO – Raisin’ 4

PROS: Finally, the repurposed tool box from Raisin’ 4. It’s heavy duty, will last forever, and is organized by color. I like that it can all be closed up and stored easily.

CONS: In my opinion, it’s too big and bulky (imagine hitting your toe on the side… ouch). As is the case with so many of these ideas, it doesn’t organize by both size and color, which is something I’m looking for specifically.

The Perfect LEGO Organization and Storage System

So what did I do? I went to Lowe’s and bought Stack-On drawer storage cabinets. The ones I bought were 22-drawer cabinets, but there are other cabinets for larger collections. Here’s what I LOVE about my LEGO organization and storage solution:

  • Large drawers for larger LEGO pieces, small drawers for smaller piece.
  • Enough drawers to sort by both color and size, and drawers for mini figures, wheels, and more.
  • Stack-On drawer cabinets can attach to a wall or sit on top of another piece of furniture, and can be taken off either easily for kids to play on the floor.
  • Clear drawers where the girls can see the colors easily.
  • Other sizes of cabinets and ability to buy more as the LEGO collection grows.
  • Relatively inexpensive and readily available at your local hardware store or Amazon.
  • Efficient and space-saving for small homes or apartments.
  • Drawers come out of the cabinet and slide in simply, perfect for little hands.
Efficient AND aesthetically pleasing!

The most important thing is that the LEGO bricks are organized and it’s so easy to find what you’re looking for. Stella has expressed to me how much she loves the system and how helpful it is for her LEGO building and play time.

Two Stack-On drawer cabinets fit above our cube shelves perfectly!

So what do you think? Is your LEGO multiplying and out of control? Which one of these systems would work best for your family and play space? Let me know in the comments!

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